“There Are Many Things Wrong With Kidnapper, Evans’ Story”


This is as shared by Ayomide O. Tayo

Suspected kidnap kingpin Chukwudi Dumeme Onuamadike popularly known as Evans was arrested on Saturday, June 10, 2017. After years of being on the run, the long arm of the law finally caught him. The details surrounding his operation have left a few questions. One of the things we know is this- Evans was paid $1M each as ransom by four people. Another thing we know is that he owned mansions in Magodo » area of Lagos. That’s money going in and money going out. Even if he was paid in cash, he would have had to change the money somewhere. You don’t just change $1M on the streets of Lagos without someone raising an alarm to the police.
If the ransom money was paid into his accounts then it is likely there is a huge conspiracy going on.

This brings us to the law enforcement officials. As part of anti-money laundering policies, any transaction above N5,000,000 is meant to be reported to the Financial Intelligence Unit. Evans obviously received way above this amount. Why didn’t anyone in the bank or banks he used, raise a red flag and report to the authorities?

Behind every criminal mastermind is a support system of accomplices. Evans is just the face of the criminal network. My suspicion is he is the most disposable person in the system and that’s why he has been paraded.

EFCC officials go after Yahoo boys who receive lesser amounts of money. Isn’t is suspicious that EFCC officials did nothing about Evans until he was caught by police officers? There are too many gaps in this story.

Obviously, Evans was running on very great intel for him to kidnap people whose families could afford to cough up $1m. It’s hard to look at a man and his properties and figure he has that kind of money to release at a moment’s notice. That kind of financial detail is only accessible to bank managers.

Why hasn’t the Nigerian Police Force arrested bank managers involved in this kidnapping ring? There is no way some bank managers were not involved in this racket. With the transfer of funds, bank managers had to be aware that something fishy was going on. Why didn’t they report to the authorities?

Kudos, to the undercover cops he caught the kidnap kingpin. The Nigerian Police Force has had a bad rep for years but when they do good we should praise them.

Now that Evans has been caught, the NPF should embrace the culture of full disclosure and reveal the other members of the kidnapping syndicate. Anything less would be a farce.

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