How My Boobs Caused An Accident In Lagos – Nollywood Actress, Mitchel Ozakpolor

According to Mitchel Ozakpolor aka Mimi, a lustful car owner rammed into another car while starring at her boobs.Speaking with HVP, the actress said, she was walking down the road at Sururlere due to heavy traffic that day.The lustful man upon sighting her lost control. He had his glued on her body until rammed his car into another’s. On embarrassing moments, Mimi said she avoids staying at bus-stops due to men lustfully starring at her boobs:

 “It happens all the time, they keep starring at my boobs. .
And that’s why I tried to avoid standing at bus stops. I know I have huge boobs that men cannot take their eyes off my boobs,” she enthused.

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