“My Mother Rejected My Fiancee After Dating For 9 Years”

Man with head in hand

My name is Passy, I’ve dated my fiancee from my year 1 in the university that’s 9years now, she stood with me through thick and thin, never left me for ready made guys, she trusted and supported me and I promised myself no woman will make me happier than her so I proposed to marry her….

So I took her to see my parents for the first time, but I got the shock of my life when my mum rejected her at 1st sight for no particular reason her word was “my spirit just don’t accept her” my dad was cool about my choice as long as I’m happy, I’ve been begging my mother to reconsider but she has made it clear she won’t have anything to do with her or me if I go ahead and marry her.

I’m just confused,the last person I’ll leave is my fiancee but my mum too is very special to me.
what should I do??

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