Shehu Sani Vows To Fight Against Controversial NGO Bill


Kaduna central senator, Shehu Sani has vowed to stand against the controversial NGO bill that is sponsored by Umar Jibril.Sani, Joins Chidi Odinkalu, the former chairman of the National human rights commission(NHRC) and a host of others who have openly condemned the bill aimed at the regulating the activities of NGOs in the country.

Sani wrote this on his social media page on Saturday;

“The increasing cases of human rights abuses and intolerance to divergent views across the country makes it dangerous to endorse or support any bill aimed at ‘regulating the activities of the NGOs’.I will stand against this bill to protect and preserve our fundamental rights to freedom of expression and of assembly.The tendency of the Bill when it becomes law be abused by people in the position of power is clear.”

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