Islamic Fundamentalists Condemn Newly Appointed Deputy CBN Governor’s, Aisha Ahmad, ‘Intimacy Worker-Styled’ Dressing


Lots of Islamic fundamentalists on social media have condemned the appointment of Mrs. Aisha Ahmad as Deputy CBN governor. There are so many posts on Facebook about her appointment but this particular one by one Abubukar Usman Almajiri, stood out. Read excerpts below:

“I think, Buhari’s choice of a sex-worker styled ‘Muslim’ lady for deputy CBN post is a great disservice to us Muslims. I know, Buhari is a liberal and does not give a damn about living Islam fully himself- as we see his incessant handshakes with women. But even if he is non-Muslim ruler, we expect him to chose, if not the good seeds from among us Muslims, but a little bit better Muslims. That’s the best way we can be proud of our seeds not with the wayward bad ambassador of sort.

Away from religion anyway, what happened to our tradition recourse to moral propriety, cultural sensitivity and dress decency in selecting those to hire for jobs?”

See his posts below

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