Lady Calls Guy Out For Calling Her a Witch After She Refused Dating Him


Enobong Uche has called out her school mate who called her a witch after she refused his proposal. He’s been asking her out since last year  She wrote;

“Pls… u people shud come and see what ur coursemate Nwoye Ifeanyi sent to me this first day of the month.
I dont knw who this idiot is… as a matter of fact, even in uni days, i never talked to him.
He was all up in my inbox since last year asking me out and even talking marriage… and of course i declined! Even blocked him on fbk and every social media oooo

Since den, it has been one insult of the other… even sending text begging hahaaha
I even sent all our chat history to Ekene !!!
I don’t understand ooo if this alumni of UNN is going mad ??
Oh… i think he is

I am puzzled by this ?? today he claims prophet, tomorow he claims another thing. You think i dont knw how u made ur money???? Its blood chasing u dear… not me ?
I wid have cursed u with the anointing of God on my head but i will let God handle u according to Psalm 105:15.
DO I KNW U BEFORE???? Beans head ???

I decided to post this today… i will post all ur other chats too.
This rubbish has to stop!

Ritualist minister Nwoke Ifeanyi comman deliver me ??? u havent said what u attempted to do with my name oooo ??? i have tagged u! Come and explain”

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