Singer Flavour Features Blind Liberian In “Most High” Video


Nigerian singer Flavour recently visited Liberia on a peace mission where he met a talented little blind boy, Semah G. Weifur.The singer went on a United Nations peacekeeping mission in the African country.While there he met a blind boy who according to him, sang his songs better than him.
“I made a new friend Semah G. Weifur. He’s blind and sang my songs better than me” … Watch the full video on YouTube of our meeting soon!!,” he captioned one shot.While in Liberia he met Major General Daniel Ziakahn– Chief of staff of the armed forces of Liberia and Chairman of the ECOWAS Joint Chiefs of Staffs.

The dreams of the young, blind boy that has captivated everyone’s hearts has come true. Semah G. Weifur not only had the unique opportunity to record with his favourite musician, Flavour took it one step further and shot the video, for their collaborative single, “Most High” – the final track on his “Ijele – The Traveler” album. Having met Semah, during his trip to to Liberia earlier this year, Flavour was incredibly touched by the young boy’s plight and determination to live out his dream of performing with his music hero.

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