Galatasaray Offer Job To Former Defender, Emmanuel Eboue Who Is Broke


Galatasaray have offered a job to former defender Emmanuel Eboue who is left with nothing after losing all his money and assets to his ex-wife following a bitter divorce.

Eboue in a recent interview revealed how he almost took to his own life after financial mismanagement and a bitter divorce left him penniless. Following his revelations, Galatasaray where the 34-year-old played between 2011 and 2016, have offered him a role as an academy coach.He lost lots of money due to the financial mismanagement and after his ex-wife got everything following divorce, Eboue is left sleeping at a friend’s house and washing his own clothes because he can’t afford a washing machine.

Even more heartbreaking for the former Arsenal defender, he has not been able to see his three children- nine-year-old son Mathis, 14-year daughter Clara and 12-year-old daughter Maeva.

The job offered by Galatasaray is a huge lifeline for the defender.


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