‘Having A Scar Can Not Stop My Shine’ – Acid Victim


Chizoba Frances Obanye the lady who was disfigured with acid by her uncle’s wife has said that no scar will ever stop her shine.She wrote: “Some yrs back I became a victim of acid bath I wasn’t too bothered cos I was still tender I stayed at d hospital for lyk a year and six months,i came out I had to face d world wit d help of my parents, I started school people will see me dy will be scared it was quiet challenging, I will ask myself will I make it wit dis condition my swt mum will encourage me swt hrt u will make it I will smile and be happy at least I will make it but my fear was will I be beta she will tell me I will, I entered sec school I paired with people some will like to relate wit me y some won’t still it did not stop me from moving on,some will ask dose she has a boyfriend do u know y cos dy feel kno one will luv her wit a scar on her face I will laugh still I moved on. People were asking many questions about me cos I amaze people. Today she is a graduate and a Corper is d God’s grace at work in my life, D funnest of all is dat my enemies did not know I will move on dis big and I will surprise dem making it bigger and letting d whole world know dat having a scar on ur face dosent stop u from shining.

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