President Buhari’s Daughter Halima Didn’t Wear Hijab During Her Call To Bar In 2016

Some Nigerians have addressed the issue saying that it was wrong to deny the young lady her right while others expressed that she should have dressed according to the law. Due to the event that led to the controversial topic on social media photos of President Buhari’s daughter, Halima Muhammadu, began to trend on social media. Halima who is a lawyer was called to bar in 2016. In the photos of her call to bar that are trending on social media, the lady who normally covers her hair was seen without Hijab.

A Twitter user identified as Igwe Kelvin who addressed the issue of the Muslim law graduate Fidaraus Amasa who was denied access to attend her call to bar shared the photo of Halima at her call to bar, stating that she was not wearing hijab.

The Twitter user commended the president’s daughter for dressing the right way for her call to bar.


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