Why We Shot Kidnappers In Their Balls – Police


Following the release of the viral video on the internet video which shows suspected kidnappers writhing at the back of a police van and struggling to breathe after being shot in their private parts by officers, the police have confirm that it is indeed real.
According to the police, the suspects opened fire at the officers attached to the Intelligence Response Team first when they tried to free an abducted victim in Abia State last week.

“In the course of the shootout, some of the kidnappers sustained injuries and were overpowered,” Abia police spokesperson, Geoffrey Ogbonna, said.Mr. Ogbonna, a deputy superintendent of police, put the number of the suspects at ‘over seven’ and identified the victim as a 76-year-old man with a history of hypertension.

The victim was rescued but later died at the hospital, having allegedly been tortured by the kidnappers in their den, Mr. Ogbonna said. The officers recovered AK-47 guns, ammunition and three vehicles from the suspects.


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