“How My Electrician Almost Raped My Nanny” – Nigerian Lady Reveals


A lady by name Blessing_ceo has narrated how an electrician she brought to her house to check her AC grabbed her children’s nanny to the floor tore her dress into pieces and almost raped her when she let the house to go and withdraw money she was supposed to give the electrician.

The nanny was strong defend herself as she used a frying pan to hit the rapist on his head which made him start bleeding before the woman came back and saw them struggling in the kitchen

The electrician has been handed over to the police and the woman has vowed to make she sure the electrician goes to jail.

Read the woman’s story below:


I use to hear rape rape rape not until today,an electrically guy I brought into my house to come help me check my AC,grabbed my children’s nanny to the floor, tore her dress into pieces and almost raped her.

My kids were in there room while I drove out to use the ATM since he said he does not do mobile banking .

I came back ,knocked,nobody answered,so I went to my son’s room window and called him and he opened the door ,let me enter the kitchen,see drama .

My nanny had used the frying pan to hit blood out of his head . He actually increased my tv and told my kids to go into the room while the drama went on .

I was so shocked . I could not even talk . Like is that how they rape people? No fear, No respect, In my own house .
All I did was call the police,they tied him up ,while I threatened to castrate him .

He is in police custody now and I will make sure I send him to prison . What nonsense is this society turning into .,?
What is all this . We all need to be very watchful and careful. This world is not safe anymore


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