It’s Not About Buhari’s Age, Are Nigerian Youths Ready? – James Ibori


Chief James Ibori, former governor of Delta State, has said that Nigerians should be more concerned with whether the youths are ready to lead, rather than a mere generational shift at the nation’s helm of affairs

In  an article he wrote, Politics is a game of ideas and numbers, Ibori said that Nigerian youths need to pay the required price. He argued that the call for President Muhammadu Buhari not to seek re-election so as to pave way for a youth to lead the country is unjustified. “The choice we face is not that of ‘paedarchy’ or ‘paedocracy’ versus gerontocracy. “This age-related argument should not be aimed at Buhari.

The constitution gives him the right to seek the Presidency for two terms. The argument for and against him should be based on his record of achievement. “The young ones need to make the necessary sacrifice, study the problems facing the society, master how to solve the problems of the various parts of the Nigerian federation. “Have the youths trumped the old in behaviour, morality, leadership, integrity and frugality? How have our youth fared in the professions, the military and the civil service? Do they even hold out any hope for the nation?” Ibori asked.


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