Owls Are Not Witches: See Some Facts You Did Not Know About Them


These nocturnal birds do not only hoot they make sounds similar to hissing, barking, and whistling. A baby owl is called an owlet.

Here are certain amazing things about Owls; we feel you should know about.

While most Owls are nocturnal, not all Owls are. Some owls actually prefer to fly during the day rather than taking the night train. So, when most owls take their naps during the day breeds like the Northern Hawk Owl and the Northern Pygmy Owl hunt for their meals which makes them the exact opposite of the nocturnal stereotypes for Owls in general.

Owls have varied sizes, which makes it possible for larger Owls to prey on smaller ones. The Great Gray Owl is the largest Owl in appearance and it is about 32 inches tall, while the smallest owl is the Elf Owl, which is about 5-6 inches tall. The Great Hornet is one of the swiftest Owl eaters and their most common preys are the Smaller Barred Owls.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to spin your head in an almost 360 motion? Well, it is an amazing fact that while you cannot make that move, Owls can naturally spin their heads in a 270 degrees motion. This movement enables them to cover up for their inability to move their eyes.

Owls have brought slight peace to the Middleast. Farmers in the Mideast can gather around their tables to congratulate themselves on the reduction of mice on their farmlands.

The Barn Owl is most prominent in this region and it is famous for swallowing its prey whole. One Barn Owl eats an estimate of 1,000 mice a year; this, in turn, means that farmers in the Mideast will spend less on pesticides on their farms.

The Great Horned Owl can also swim. This is one of the most uncomfortable things for these birds to do, but they swim when there is a need for them to save their lives.

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