How To Prevent Your Child From Getting Hurt By Your Car


I know cars don’t wake up one morning and decide to kill children. I crafted the topic that way on purpose because of how sensitive the issue is. Few weeks ago a man here in Kastina state, mistakenly killed his little daughter with his car, she was barely 2 years old. Let’s get enlightened.

1.Always Buckle Them Up The Right Way
This should never be ignored .If they are too small for the regular seatbelt, please place them in a special seat for children and strap them in .

Recently a man killed his daughter, she was sent flying through the windscreen, when he was trying to prevent an accident.Don’t let this happen to you.

2.Check, Double Check And Check Again Before Reversing
Sadly the man in Kastina, killed his little girl when he was reversing.He didn’t check.She was too small for him to see !!, don’t depend on the mirrors, step out of the car and check !! .

I have personally experienced something similar, but it was a careless mother in a garage, the Danfo driver reversed without looking, not that he would have seen her if he looked, she was too short.Luckily the Danfo had enough ground clearance not to crush the little girl.

3.Remove Sharp Objects From The Car
In the event that a crash takes place, sharp objects like pencils and open pens in their pockets or hanging around the car can be lethal. Make sure they place everything in their bags and they shouldn’t back their bags while you are driving . All bags should be on the floor or in the boot. All other sharp objects should also be kept in the boot.

4.Don’t Forget Them Inside The Car
You can’t afford to make this mistake especially with this Nigerian sun that is not smiling. Always check the back seat of your car before you get down of the car when you get to your destination so you don’t go enjoying yourself at the movies while your child roasts away under the hot sun.

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Stay safe and keep those bundle of joy safer!


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