Underwear Mistakes You Are Making As A Lady


‘That is so beautiful, I’ll get it!’. Says a lot of ladies at the sight of an underwear with all the ‘right’ colors meshed in one grand piece.

Does that sound like something you would do? If yes, congratulations you may have and still be making terrible underwear decisions. Ladies are often attracted to the things they see and colorful looking underwear is probably high on the list of the essentials the female specie easily gets attracted to. However those ‘pieces’ may be the thinnest line of defense between your bits and the outside world, its alarming how they are repeatedly left on the wayside in the midst of so many other girl issue contending for attention. Thankfully, almost every lady knows rocking the same pair of underwear more than once in a row is completely unacceptable but then there are other goofs you might be making in regards to your underwear and while they may seem harmless, the wrong underwear could make you susceptible to diseases and infections like E.Coli and rashes.

Below are some major underwear blunders you may be making as a lady. Feel free to add more;

Wearing ill-fitting underwear – If this sounds like something you do, then you should stop ASAP. Like any ill-fitting pair of clothing, slipping on bad-fitting underwear can be downright uncomfortable and while it may seem unbelievable, your discomfort can often be glaring. Now they go either way. Too tight or too loose and you could run the risk of causing awkward folds or puckering camel toe(although annoyingly becoming a fashion trend) amid other less desirable issues. Cut the rush, take your time and eliminate any loose-fitting or tight-fitting underwear problem before you rush out that door. And if your underwear is on either extreme, do well to revamp by trading those ill-fitting pieces with more appropriate sizes and firmer styles that would give all the flexibility you need.

Care instructions are there for a reason- To most, reading underwear instructions is something that will never happen. And even when they do, the recommended care instructions are barely followed. Spare a few minutes sometimes, read through the instructions. Soft materials usually require cold water and hand-washing, mild soaps and air-drying to retain their appearance. Lacy, silky and Satiny underwear on the other hand demand a much more delicate approach when it comes to washing and should not be treated the same way you would treat cotton.

Workout pants are for workouts alone- It’s amazing what you do, trying to get trim and fit but you could also be causing some harm to your lady bits by having the same set of underwear on post-workout. After a sweaty workout session and you change out of your gym shorts, ensure you grab a pair of fresh underwear as the moist, warm and dark environment of your workout pants are perfect breeding grounds for yeast (fungi) and bacteria. When you wrap up your session, change out of the workout undies as soon as possible.

Scented detergents are a ‘NO’- If you use scented detergents and you complain of more than occasional rashes and infections, do away with them. No one should complain of your underwear not smelling like a bouquet (why would anyone be sniffing them in the first place). Same if you use scented soaps and body washes as these products could over time if not immediately cause remarkable irritation on the extra-sensitive surface below.

Undersized shape-wear – You probably want to look the exact way those ladies on the shape-wear ads but a little fun FACT here, pictures are always digitally doctored and the models may be two-three sizes smaller than you. Hence buying a smaller sized shape wear in the hopes of carving out the perfect body is not only erroneous but absolutely harmful to your health. Wearing a smaller sized shape-wear and worst still for a longer time will help constrict blood flow and doing this often could pose even larger threats to your health.

Give the thongs a break- It is understandable that you and every other female you know love the thongs knowing you do not have to deal with embarrassing pant lines ruining your perfect dress or sticking out in your workout pants. There could however be a downside to wearing these highly versatile and next-to-perfect piece of clothing; they are usually made with synthetic fabrics very much capable of irritating sensitive skin and your ladybits are quite sensitive. This is definitely not to write off thongs. Make it an occasional accessory as you switch between more comfortable styles from time to time.

Wear underwear suitable for your body type- No matter your body type, you should still be able to rock underwear that is absolutely perfect for your body type. For the pear-shaped body with the bulk of the weight in the bottom part, wearing simple short-like underwear will help outline your bum. For the curvy bod, high-rise panties are absolutely perfect as they don’t roll up but provide the perfect fit. For the not-so-leggy ones, Brazilian bikini cut panties will help your legs appear longer.

Getting too attached- Saying goodbye is never easy and it’s even worse if the bits knew just how to ‘hold-‘em-gals up’. Undies like every other piece of clothing grow old and yours may just be pleading to retire after more than a few years of faithful service and the least you can do for them is let them go by getting rid of them. Yes, it may break your heart; ‘holed’ or thinning undies should be discarded and replaced with new ones.

While it is believed every grown female knows better than repeating an underwear, but what happens when you are all out of clean undies? By all means go WITHOUT one if you’re good with it. By all means never let ‘yourself’ run out of underwear!

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