101 Of 146 Reported Cases Have Died Of Lassa Fever – MSF


A humanitarian medical organisation, Médecins Sans Frontières, on Saturday, called for proactive vigilance in Nigeria against Lassa fever, saying 101 persons had died in the recent outbreak of the disease.

MSF, also called Doctors without Borders, disclosed that 101 persons were confirmed dead of the disease out of the reported 146 total deaths recorded since the outbreak in the country.The statement quoted MSF’s Emergency Coordinator, Claire Lansard:

“The current outbreak is the largest in recent years, with 1,781 suspected cases; of which 408 were confirmed, and 146 deaths while 101 were confirmed to be Lassa fever. However, the number of cases reported to health facilities has declined in the recent weeks according to figures from the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control.”

Meanwhile, Adamawa State has recorded its first case of death from Lassa fever.

A few days ago, a female doctor died of Lassa fever in Abia state.


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