Man Shares His Encounter With A Lady & Her Housemaid At a restaurant


Larry Shola took to Facebook to narrate his ordeal with a woman he saw in a restaurant with her kids and housemaid. According to Larry Shola, the woman reportedly came to eat with her kids, housemaid at the restaurant and she ordered two plates of rice and chicken for her children but the maid was made to eat just biscuit while she watched the woman and her children eat rice.

Read Larry’s encounter below,

I went out with a friend to celebrate his birthday today and it was fun but something strange happened a woman came in with 3 kids for dinner and she orders for 2 plate of rice and chicken to my greatest surprise one of the kid was left out and was given biscuit to eat by the woman in the presence of the 2 kids while they were eating the rice the little kid was holding his/herself to eat the biscuit and it was such a painful thing to see honestly African women are mostly Evil how much will it cost you to give to someone who probably takes care of this little ones when you are not at home its so painful and annoying no wonder witchcraft will not end in Africa I’m really saddened honesty..

See some reactions to the story below;

This is all shades of wrong, why not leave the poor girl at home instead of bringing her out to melt out this inhuman treatment on her. God will judge you wicked woman

And to think a mother sees nothing wrong with her action, oh well. Born as you fit train so another woman no go collect sleep for your eyes. If you only complain without buying anything to show love to the little girl, u are just an attention seeker. The same reason the woman is not buying anything for her is the same reason u didn’t also.

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