“Tell The World How Your 2 Mansions Came About” – Shatta Wale’s Wife


Michy Wale’s post came after Shatta Wale had earlier posted that he was done with Michy. According to Wale, Michy chased him with a knife, adding that if a woman is able to do that, you should “dawg her” But Shatta Michy has not kept quiet, she has released series of posts threatening to expose Shatta Wale.

In one of the posts, Shatta Michy wrote: “From a one corner ghetto to 2 houses . Shall we all know how the second one came about? God hates ungrateful people. Accept your faults, or accept that u have a problem and seek help.” From this post, it seems Shatta Michy is sending across a message that Shatta Wale had acquired his mansions through some ‘dubious’ means. It could be deduced from Michy’s post that being a former ghetto guy, Shatta Wale’s ‘speedy’ acquisition of his two mansions is of a serious concern.

Within a spate of three years, Shatta Wale had build two multi-million dollar mansions in East Legon, a plush area in Accra. Wale has highly spoken of his mansions, claiming that he is the only celebrity to own two swimming pools. But Michy seems to have blown the cover of Shatta Wale’s ‘questionable’ mansions. She went on to reveal that Shatta Wale has serious problems, and ‘advised’ him to accept the fact that he has a problem, or seek help. It is not clear what is causing this fight between the couple that has professed love for each other in the past in quiet recently.



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