Nigeria Senate Website Shutdown & It’s Implications


The Senate website has been suspended by its host, a USA based company, BlueHOSTS.

Could be one of two things.
1. Unpaid bills, which cannot (actually) be more than $2,400
2. Violation of the hosts Terms of Service (ToS)

They know they must host with Galaxy Backbone, setup by Government for handling its Communications needs, has all its infrastructure in Nigeria and is sufficiently competent to meet and exceed the needs of the Senate, but a party divided against itself will obviously fall.

Where all over the world, nations are reacting to GDPR and protecting its citizens and their privacy, a Government is hosting its sovereign information overseas, cannot pay its bill which may be lower than my estimate by the way, but over-inflated because of graft.

Can you see the capital flight and the inefficiency? The lawmaking body has demonstrated that they don’t have trust in local hosting firm thereby jettisoning and dumping buy Nigeria to grow the Naira policy of Buhari.

Later some officials will come to ask you … “What do you know about websites?” and the need to continue with your ignorance in 2019!

Sunday Folayan


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