Photos: Man Gifts Wife 2018 Lexus RX 360 SUV For Her Birthday


The adorable husband, Thomas Takoh, was full of praises for his wife on her birthday as he bought her a brand new 2018 Lexus RX 360 Sports SUV to mark the occasion. He shared the photos on his Facebook page as captured below…

He wrote:

“Happy Birthday to My beautiful Wife. Gosh, Allow me to do shakara with my Queen, My Everything, My Soul mate.. I have always loved you and will always do forever and ever.. you complete me, you are the best thing happening To me, you have sacrificed alot for me Nd you deserve everything my beautiful.. 

Here is a 2018 Lexus RX Sport 350 “whoop whoop”. As a gift from your king to you My Queen.. Am so proud of you, and am blessed to have you as My wife.. May God continue to bless you, you will be great, you will excel in every area of ur life, your life will be a testimony, God bless your new age..I will celebrate you everyday of our lives, i have you and i have everything..You complete me and I Love You now and Forever.. .. 

HAPPYBIRTHDAY …#obong #bestwifey #love #birthday #myeverything#tomatojos #akwaugo #powercouple”


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