Beyonce’s Outfits At Coachella Was An Empowering Homage To Black Culture


Beyonce’s performance at coachella was an empowering homage to black culture. The singer and her fans renamed the 19-year-old annual festival to Beychella and she rocked some amazing outfits during the 2 hour performance.


Beyonce dressed as Queen Nefiriti, an African Queen

Beyonce paid homage to Black universities

Beyonce changed into a mesh sweatshirt 

Beyonce belt out the lines from the African-American penned anthem Lift Every Voice and Sing – all after transitioning from her Queen Nefertiti (historic African Queen) gown into her yellow HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) themed sweatshirt.

The Drunk In Love hitmaker played quotes from Civil Right activist Malcolm X that celebrated black women and had her band play melodies from Nigerian legendary anti-colonial singer Fela Kuti, who criticised the colonial masters in Africa and likened them to slave masters. And if that wasn’t enough for the ‘why you gotta make it all about race?’ parade Beyonce very literally wore symbols of black power and liberation on her body as she sang for a mainstream audience.


No matter what you think of Beyonce, you have to dash a little respect on her name for being unapologetic black and giving black members of the world periodic remember that their existence deserves to be seen.





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