‘Expired Nutri-C Almost Killed Me’ – 2016 Miss Tourism Nigeria, Ekama


According to 2016 Miss Tourism Nigeria, Ekama she wondered why the store would keep an expired product for sale and almost lost her life because of the huge mistake. She wrote:

😡😡😡So that how i consumed 4 sachet of an Expired product,and i almost died 2Days Ago of a NUTRIC-C💀😱i bought @hubmart_stores. victoria island, Unkown to me it has EXPIRED…my experience was really bad was rushed to d hospital,d doctor said nothing is wrong and gave me some drugs but still i felt sick and worse,d sharp pains didnt go away..my tempature was up beyond normal,my stomach is still sour,i couldnt move or talk much!. Until i called my dad and he said have u taken palm oil (Red oil)i said no he said do that now!! And stop taking the Antibiotics 😢Immediately I drank d palm oil that night i slept off and next morning I was totally relieved of pains.. my pain is why would they allow such expired product still stay at d store😡💀almost lost my life because of ignorance!!..please and please!!my people check for expired dates of products before you buy😰🙏. I thank God Am alive to see dis day🙏🌞😰…


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