Facebook Alerts People Whose Data Was Accessed By Cambridge Analytica


Facebook has begun informing users that their personal information may have been accessed by Cambridge Analytica. A number of people posted screengrabs of messages they had received from the social network, saying either that they were unaffected, or that their information may have been harvested as a result of them or one or more of their friends using the quiz app This Is Your Digital Life, from which the information was collected.

‘A small number of people who logged into ‘This Is Your Digital Life’ also shared their own News Feed, timeline, posts and messages which may have included posts and messages from you. They may also have shared your hometown.’ Facebook says up to 1.1 million UK users – and 87 million people globally – could have had their information accessed by Cambridge Analytica using the quiz, but the political research company says the number is closer to 30 million.



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