‘I Was In Coma For 3 Days A Month Ago’ – Actress Halima Abubakar


Halima Abubakar who has been struggling with health issues in the past year has just revealed that she was in coma for 3-days last month. She shared the photos above and wrote:

Okay I have good news! God really showed out. Am a woman after Gods heart! Today mark a year,of my distress and A month ago ,was in coma for 3days, thought I was gone. But just a month ago my family was in deep shock! So I hope you don’t joke about your healthcare. And don’t laugh at people cos they wish you nothing but greatness. God is amazing .look at me all stunning and happy. My Docs rock. Hopefully it won’t be tagged pityparty. I don’t need your pity. MY TESTIMONY

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