Michael Jackson ‘Haunts’ Performers On Stage 9 Years After His Death


Despite the fact the singer passed back in 2009, it would seem he’s still keen to step in front of fans to perform, particularly in Las Vegas. It sounds like MJ has become a real life Casper, remaining on this plain to make sure his music is showcased as only he sees fit.

Performers in a Las Vegas show dedicated to the late star, called MJ One from Cirque Du Soleil, have claimed that they feel his presence alongside them every night that they perform. Choreographer JJ Villar told the Daily Star:

‘You feel him, because show creator Jamie King has done an amazing job with all the other creators to really embody what he stood for and the essence of Michael Jackson.’‘And I think that every time we perform on stage, he is our last performing member I guess you could say. He’s right there on the front stage with us. ‘He might not physically be there, but we’re his essence, we’re his aura, we’re his energy.’



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