Couple With A 31-year Age Gap Constantly Mistaken For Father And Daughter


A couple have revealed how their 31-year age gap almost cost them their wedding day. 35-year-old Kerry Hunt fell for her now-husband, Tom, 66, after meeting in a pub, despite him being the same age as her dad. The couple became engaged in 2016, but Tom’s daughters said they thought Kerri was far too young for their dad, and so he went on to cancel the wedding a month before they were set to marry, leaving Kerri heartbroken. Kerri says: ‘I was absolutely devastated. ‘We split up and Tom moved out. I tried to keep myself occupied but couldn’t get him out of my mind. ‘I knew we were meant to be together. I was devastated.’ However, two weeks later, Tom changed his mind and the pair wed in August 2016.

Despite there being 31 years between us, the age gap has never bothered me at all. ‘He’s so attentive and charming. ‘My dad is only three months older than Tom and thought he was too old for me. ‘But as soon as he saw how happy Tom made me, he was fine with it and they get on great. ‘I knew Tom’s daughters had concerns about our age gap but I just put it to the back of my mind.

‘He has two daughters, one is 25 and the other is a year older than me. ‘In the past, they’d raised concerns about our age gap saying that I was too young for him. ‘I think that they were concerned that I was with him for the wrong reasons. ‘I understood their worries, but I wanted to prove how much I loved Tom.’ Kerri and Tom are now very happily married and loving every moment of wedded life, however, despite their happiness, their age gap has created a few awkward moments, as many people have often mistaken Tom for Kerri’s dad.


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