Women Having ‘Virginity Repair’ Operations To ‘Be As Pure As Possible Again’


Women are having drastic ‘virginity repair’ surgeries in the UK. According to new hospital figures. Surgery to reconstruct the hymen, a thin membrane at the opening of the vagina that can tear during sex – though can tear in a variety of other ways – takes about half an hour and costs at least £1,000 every time. At least 109 women have undergone the procedure in NHS hospitals between 2007 and 2017, but the real number is believed to be far greater.

Experts believe women are having the operation after feeling guilt about their first time, and wanting to experience it again. ‘A lot of people have a bad experience for their first time,’ Harley Street relationship counsellor Louise Van der Velde said. ‘Often it’s not what it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be a sacred thing and you never forget losing it. ‘Maybe because people have been let down by that and it doesn’t end up being what they want, they want to do it again. ‘Maybe they want to share it with their husbands by being as pure as possible again.’ During the surgery, the hymen is either stitched or reconstructed, allowing it to tear and bleed again the next time the woman has sex.

Of the women known to have had the procedure, 81% were single – 23 said they had no religion, 15 identified as Christian, eight as Church of England and two as Muslim.

As a lady/woman would you like to have a virginity operation? Guys would you like your lady to have one to feel pure again?


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