How To Fix Your False Lashes Like A Pro (Video)


While the lash is here to stay and it seems there are so many options, it’s actually tough to find the right combo that would give you that natural finish. It’s not just by fixing any lash you come across you have to realize that the state of your eyes have a lot to do with finding a flattering lash extension and do it like a pro 🙂

Get the scoop of the best eyelash extension for your eye shape in this guide book below…

  1. If You Have Round Eyes – It means they are naturally open and alert what you are looking for would be shorter length lashes with looser curl (B CURL) as this would relax your eye shape and give it a total symmetry.
  • If You Have A Hooded Eyes – These are known as mono-lids and they don’t have a defined crease your ideal lash extension has to have a flat base and severe curl that shoots from under the lid (L and L+ lashes)
  1. If You Have Almond Eyes – These are the most common shape and there twice as high as they are wide. This eyes can support almost any lash style although you can go for a cat-eye gradient to help elongate your natural shape.

Lash stripes are easy to fix, here’s a video tutorial of how to fix them yourself…

Source: YouTube | Ronkeraji

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