I’ll Reduce You To Nothing, Policeman Threatens Man (Video)


A man, Prince Gwamnishu Harrison, has accused two policemen attached to ‘A’ Division , Delta State Police Command, in Asaba, the capital of Delta State of brutalising him and a commercial tricycle rider.

Prince Harrison also alleged that the policemen, Inspector Haruna Japhet and a sergeant with Service No: 462207, threatened his life and vowed to “reduce him to nothing”.

Harrison, in a post he shared on his Facebook timeline, said trouble began when he and a colleague stopped to plead for a commercial tricycle rider who had been beaten to stupor by the Japhet and his colleagues.

Harrison further alleged that the tricycle rider parted with N14,000 to secure his release.

Harrison, who also shared a video of the incident alleged that one of the policemen hit him in the face, before threatening to “reduce him to nothing”.

He wrote,


Driving along Nnebisi road, we saw a man lying helplessly in the Mud, blood coming out from his mouth. My colleague and i stop to help.

The man pointed to the bank that the officers beat him up. Next two police officers and a bank security guard tried to push a keke belonging to the man inside the bank. The man stood up and hold his keke.

I tried my best to stop Inspector Haruna Japhet and a Sergeant with Service No: 462207 from brutalizing a keke man, plead to them but to no avail.

The Police Sergeant left the keke man, rush and hit me in the face. The keke man was detained at A Division Asaba, released on bail after paying N11,000 and also paid N3000 to release his keke. The Police officers have also threatened to reduce Harrison to nothing and also gave out my vehicle colorand plate number to some of his colleague.

I call on Inspector General of Police, Delta State Police Command to help address this trend by officers of Nigeria Police force brutalizing and extorting from citizens.

In the video shared on Facebook by Prince Gwamnishu Harrison on Tuesday, the police officers were seen dragging and physically assaulting the tricycle driver, who was clinging to his vehicle in a bid to stop them from taking it away.

As the police urged the driver to let go of the tricycle, the man clung to his vehicle and said, “Una go kill me today.”

When passers-by tried to intervene, the police officers refused to budge.

One of the policemen, Haruna Japhet even threatened one of the passers-by, who was pleading that the driver should be left alone. He said, “Keep quiet, I will reduce you to nothing.”

See some of the reactions to the video below:

Felix Abulu Wait, this issue of brutality by the Nigeria police, why has inspector General of police not done anything about it. Does it mean these policemen brutalising never went through police training?  If police are being brought to book or lose their jobs for this I think a lot of them will learn their lessons. (sic)

Chukso Aloy Prince Gwamnishu, next time be careful how you handle this rank and file policemen on bank duties. I think the best way is not to interrupt them rather bring a proper complaint to the DPO, Area commander or the DC as the case may be. I helped a Keke man to get his Keke released. I was driving one day, before you know it, some policemen on bike swopped on a Keke man and got him arrested without any offence. I quietly rode behind them and saw the DPO and complained to him and instantly the Keke was released. You need to be careful when helping others in need so that you don’t become a victim.

Chuks Usifo Nigeria police and Road safety officer are becoming useless to our nation.

Peter Mrakpor Harrison please do a formal Petition to the CP Delta and copy the office of the Honourable Attorney General Delta State

Kaine Ananwune Pls don’t take this matter lying low. Even though for obvious reasons, the Keke man maybe unwilling to press charges, you can take up the case of assault meted out to you.The bank must be joined in the case.

I had a similar case of personal assault against the Civil defense at Asaba, and the federal high court, Asaba made them pay dearly for their sins.

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