Kenyan Woman Pours Hot Water On Her Stepdaughter (Photos)


According to a post shared on Facebook,  a woman identified as Jecinta Wairimu has fled after pouring hot water on her stepdaughter, Charity Mutia.

Jecinta’s mother died in 2015 and the father remarried in 2017. Read below: Charity Mutia is a class 1 pupil at township primary school. Her dear mum died on 2015 in a road accident leaving her with her biological father Misheck.

Her father married a second wife JECINTA WAIRIMU WAWERU who they have been together since early 2017 last year. Mutia has been doing all her duties as a girl but her step mum has never appreciated it,she always complain about Mutia saying that she only knows how to eat but she doesn’t work .

Mutia told her dad but her step mum denied everything. Her step mum started mistreating her even food she was not given ,Mutia would go to school without food and she would beg her classmates for some. the class teacher was told and she asked for Mutia parents ,her dad was out of town and the only parents who was available was her step mum.

Her step mum was told everything by the teacher about how Mutia has not been carrying food to school, how she is been asking for food from her friends and even her performances in class has not been good,.Her step mum again denied everything and claimed Mutia has started to be rude even to her.

When Mutia went home find her step mum at door step and asked her (utaniaibisha hadi wapi ) for how long will you embarase me ? Mutia kept quite, she said at high voice nitakuua ufuate mamako ,mimi sitakupembeleza .ghasia wewe..Mutia started crying as she walked into the house,her mum called her but she kept quite,Mutia step mum was so heartless that she called hot water and poured to her saying ,kufa ufuate mamako,Mutia was burnt seriously its only God saved her because she wanted to burn her face ,

Her step mum run away leaving Mutia to die ,mutia screamed and her neighbor came to rescue her , they reported the case to police station and late took her to hospital ,Mutia was burn seriously 60% and now she is requiring a special treatment to save her dear life.
her dad Misheck is asking anyone with support to her him to save her child

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