Kim Kardashian’s Awkward Tweet To Kris Humphries Amid Kanye ‘Slaves’ Scandal Resurfaces


A very, extremely awkward tweet by Kim Kardashian sent to Kris Humphries has resurfaced and been called out online. It’s awkward because Kim’s now-husband Kanye West has said some rather distasteful things about slavery this week.

Kim told Kris – you know, the guy she was married to for 72 days seven years ago – back in 2011 that she was a slave for him. Sure she was probably referencing Britney Spears’ song, but the tweet popped back up not even two days after Yeezy told a packed TMZ newsroom – and all their followers tuning in for his live interview – that 400 years of slavery ‘sounded like a choice’.

The rapper, 40, faced cancellation earlier this week as he shared his thoughts on a whole range of topics during a TMZ live interview with the website, but his take on slavery has received furious backlash from angry fans online.


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