Man Who Almost Used A Runs Girl For Ritual Arrested In Delta (Photos)


An alleged ritualist has been arrested at Daniel Umukoro extension,Ughelli. According to the report, he brought the lady from Benin on Sunday and locked her in one of the room in a duplex waiting to perfect his plan.

Unfortunately he slept off after some marathon s*x and the babe broke the ceiling and jumped down through one of the rooms and scaled the fence while unclad.

Reports say that the lady is a runs from Benin.They bargained that the guy will pay her N40k after sex without knowing that the guy wanted to use her for rituals.


  1. This story is false.
    The Nigeria Police Force has refuted the headlines.
    People should be guided on what they post on the website. It was never a case of ritualist.

  2. Please stop posting false news for us to comment and you make money from us. The caption is deceiful

  3. Please stop sending us wrong information. This Benin runs babe claim it was 40k they agreed for a night. She got the man’s house and demanded for 60k . The disagreement let to her making the man sleep and she stole d man phone and cash. On her way trying to escape from the house through the fence she got herself injured.

  4. The girl is despirado
    How u stay man house for 2 to 3 days nothing happened to you only for you. No other man inside the house and you claim that your money wasn’t paid complete. hence he wants to use you for ritual.
    Folish girl

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