Mum’s Mirror Selfie Goes Hilariously Wrong Thanks To Her Toddler


If you say you’ve never had a selfie go wrong, you’re lying. Georgia Shortall, 28, knows this struggle. While she tried to take a mirror selfie, her toddler decided to run past. The kid has great timing, because he ran just as Georgia snapped the picture, so his arm was visible in the shot. And, urm, the positioning of that arm made Georgia’s selfie look a bit funny, because his arm made Georgia look like she was baring a penis.

Georgia was taking the photo to show her friend her bump, as she’s 30 weeks pregnant.

‘I didn’t even notice the picture,’ Georgia. ‘I was on the phone to my mate Toni, took the picture, looked at it and sent it… she looked while on the phone and was laughing asking what I was trying to show her.’ Georgia shared the photo on Facebook, with the caption: ‘when your son’s leg… changes a picture.’ The post was flooded with comments cracking up at the mishap. So sure, the selfie didn’t go as planned, but at least we all got some fun out of it. Better luck next time, Georgia.



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