Photo Of Injured Mother Breastfeeding Her Baby After Surviving Explosion


This picture of a wounded mother breastfeeding her little child after both of them survived the recent explosion which happened last Wednesday evening in Zing local government area of Taraba state will melt your heart. The explosion killed at least ten people and injured many others in the area.

The inferno started after a tanker driver, who was reportedly running from soldiers chasing him, lost control of the wheel and in a bid to regain balance, tumbled on another moving tanker.

It was gathered from an eyewitness, the impact of the fall on the tarred road led to a huge explosion, sending balls of fire and plumes of dark smokes into the sky.

The fire soon spread and caught vehicles parked by the roadside, triggering a stampede and commotion as many scurried to flee the raging fire…

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