Photos: Uncle Who Bathed His Niece & Her Lover With Acid Because She Ended Their Affair


Last week, the reports of man who doused his niece and her lover with acid in Anambra because she ended their sexual relationship shocked everyone who heard of it. Photos of the suspect have now been released. He was photographed as he was being transferred from the police station in Neni to CDS Awka in Anambra state.

The suspect identified as Mr Samuel Chikwelu from Odidiama vllage Agulu, attacked his niece Miss Chinyere Okeke, who he was having a sexual relationship with, her child, and the man who wanted to marry her, one Mr. Chinedu Anagor from Amaezike village Agulu.

Chinedu was riding on his motorcycle with Chinyere and her child when Mr Samuel bathed them in acid and ran away. It was later revealed that he attacked Chinyere, who is his brother’s daughter, because he was angry that She was leaving him for Chinedu.

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