Sasha Obama, 16, Pictured Partying Hard at A Music Festival (Photos)


Sasha Obama was ‘letting her hair down’ as she partied with friends at a music festival, last weekend. Pictures show former president Barack Obama’s youngest daughter, 16, enjoying the VIP area at Washington, DC’s Broccoli City Fest with a group of gal pals.

Dee Dwyer, 31, who snapped photos of Sasha at around 3.30pm on Saturday, said she looked like she had ‘no care in the world’. ‘She was just really letting her hair down and just going for it. I’m not sure what the bottles were but they were passing them back and forth.’

The photographer from Washington added: ‘She was loose and having a good time. She was in the zone. ‘I have never seen Sasha partying like that. It is normally Malia. She was going all out. ‘I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her there – it’s a festival where people are smoking and drinking.’ Michelle and Barack’s older daughter Malia, 19, has been spotted with revellers at a series of music festivals in the past.

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