“See Why Adams Oshiomhole Is A Proven Liar” – Reno Omokri


This is according to Reno Omokri. He said: Adams Oshiomhole is a Proven Liar So Nigerians Should Not Be Surprised at His Most Recent Lie. That Adams Oshiomhole is a confirmed liar has already been proven by no less an institution than the State Department of the United States Government.

It will be recalled that on July 27, 2015, Adams Oshiomhole alleged that the State Department of the United States Government told him while he was on an official visit that just one minister who served under President Jonathan stole $6 billion from the treasury.

At that time Oshiomhole said:

“The PDP destroyed the country. I mean from the lips of American officials, senior officials of the State Department said one minister, under PDP, cornered as much as $6 billion. The man said even by Washington standards, that is earth-shattering.”

However, the very next day, the State Department of the United States Government denied Oshiomhole’s assertions and said as follows:

“The U.S. should not be drawn into such irresponsible comment as alleged by Mr. Oshiomhole.  America has a transparent administration that doesn’t hide when people make a statement.  If Mr. Oshiomhole claims a U.S. official told him that a Nigerian minister stole $6 billion, he should name the official instead of hiding behind an anonymous source.”

The truth is that Adams Oshiomhole is embarrassed by the monumental thievery uncovered under the Buhari Administration and is eager to divert the public’s attention from such including:

* The $25 billion NNPC Contract Scam
* The return, reinstatement and double promotion of Abdulrasheed Maina
* The failure to announce who owns the $43 million Ikoyi Apartment loot
* The reinstatement of the Executive Secretary of the NHIS despite his indictment for misappropriating ₦10 billion
* The non prosecution of former SGF Babachir Lawal
* The recent HSLi ‘Israeli’ $195 million contract scam
* The double payment of the Abacha lawyers scam
* The ₦1.1 billion budgeted to clean the NSA’s office, amongst others.

I also call on journalists to go to Abuja and Edo State to appraise the value of Adams Oshiomhole’s homes which are more expensive and worth more than former President Jonathan’s homes in Abuja and Bayelsa. Yet former President Jonathan was a deputy Governor, Governor, Vice President and President while Oshiomhole was a labour leader before becoming a Governor. From where did he get the money to build such palatial homes?

Since Adams Oshiomhole is desperate to be Chairman of the sinking All Progressive Congress, let me throw a little teaser to him.

Former President Jonathan initiated, started and completed over 1000 projects in three years including:

* 12 new universities
* 120 almajiri schools
* Revival of Lagos-Kano rail
* Reconstruction of Benin-Ore rd
* Reconstruction of Vom-Manchok-rd.
* Conversion of Enugu airport to international
* Introduction of BVN
* The YouWIN initiative
* The Graduate Internship Scheme
* The rebasing of the Nigerian economy

I now challenge Adams Oshiomhole to take the #BuhariChallenge and do the same.

That is what Nigerians want to know, not desperate lies from a failing regime.

Finally, let me add that no matter how many EFCCs Buhari unleashes on former Peoples Democratic Party Presidents like Dr. Jonathan and President Obasanjo, the moon can never be the sun and they can never achieve what Obasanjo or Jonathan achieved. Who even created EFCC? Is it not the PDP?

No matter how much a stream denies its source, we still know from where the water flows!

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