Teacher ‘Showed Pupils A Photo Of Her Getting Intimate With Husband’


A teacher allegedly showed students a photo of her giving her husband oral sex to create ‘a more casual atmosphere’ in the classroom, police have said. A police report said Jessica Langford’s photo made 14-year-olds at Miamisburgh Middle School in Ohio feel ‘uncomfortable’.

One boy said the photo made him feel ‘awkward’ and he ‘described his relationship with Mrs. Langford as closer than other teachers’, the report claims. Other students said they felt ‘weird’ when they saw it. Langford is accused of showering her pupils with presents, including a restaurant gift card, shoes and an iPhone.

The 32-year-old mum now faces jail after being convicted of having sex with a pupil at the school when he was just 14. Langford is due to be sentenced on May 14 on six charges of sexual battery and unlawful conduct with a minor, after having sex with the boy in a classroom on the last day of school last year.

A second report reveals Langford was warned not to get physical with pupils 15 months before she had sex with the boy. That police report shows education bosses had serious worries about her back in February 2016, with concerns including Langford sitting on a pupil’s lap during class.

She was also accused of having daily closed-door lunches with two other boys and flirting with students.




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