The Day I Saw My Power Bike More Important Than My Life – OAP Yaw


Popular comedian and On-Air Personality, Yaw, is a fanatic when it comes to power bikes. While speaking with Saturday Beats, the OAP recounted a serious accident he had on the Third Mainland Bridge, stating that all that was on his mind was that his power bike should still be in a working condition.

“A bus was parked at a side of the bridge while they were having the usual Lagos squabble in the bus. I was approaching on top speed when the bus began to pull out all of a sudden and I ran into the bus. The bus driver did not stop, he ran away. I was lucky that there was no vehicle coming behind me; if not, I would have been history by now.

“When I looked at the injury, everything was white; my skin had peeled off. At that moment, I was not scared of death even though the accident was serious. In fact, I stood up, picked my bike, started the engine and it responded. The next thing I said was that thank God the bike responded. I took the bike to Mega Plaza where they fixed it and I went back home. The first thing that came to my mind immediately after the accident was, thank God my bike is fine and it is still working. It is the same thing with other bikers; so far the bike can still start, they are very comfortable. Eventually, I went to treat myself,” he said.

Remembering the genesis of his bike riding days, Yaw said that he was forced to buy a power bike due to Lagos traffic and his busy schedule.

“I started riding power bikes because there was a point in my life when I was very busy, I had so many events and appointments to meet but the traffic in Lagos is always hectic so I bought a power bike. I recently bought a new one and it cost me about $10,000. It was shipped from America. You hear people ride power bikes and are involved in ghastly accidents which claim their lives same way you hear about people that are involved in car accidents but it does not stop you from driving,” he said.

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