This Woman Claims She Can Smell When Someone’s About To Die


This woman can apparently smell impending death on people. That’s one hell of a claim to make but Ari Kala, 24, swears she can tell if you’re about to kick the bucket by taking a whiff of you.

The ‘psychic-coach’ apparently discovered the talent when she smelled a ‘sickly sweet’ odour on her dying uncle when she was just 12 years old. ‘The year before I started high school I visited my uncle to be with him as he died,’ she said. ‘The night before his death I picked up this this odd, sickly sweet rotten kind of smell in the house.’

Ms Kala, from Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia, added: ‘I thought it was the smell of his remains as I had never smelled that before. But no one else could smell it. ‘I realised later it was the frequency of death I could smell. ‘Since then, I’ve experienced the same thing around people with terminal diseases or the very elderly – too many times to count.’ She said she ignored her superhuman abilities for years but is now ready to embrace them. But she will concentrate on coaching psychics rather than offering to tell people when they are about to die.


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