Toddler With Down’s Syndrome Goes Into Modelling (Photos)


Charming youngster, who has Down’s Syndrome, is now set to become a model after a video of her singing in the car went viral. The modelling world lacks diversity generally but in kids’ clothing, representation is even more dire – so Francesca’s new career is welcome news to all. Proud mum Melissa, from Wath-upon-Dearne in South Yorkshire, is now celebrating her daughter being signed by a top modelling agency, intent on promoting diversity.

‘This isn’t about selling clothes, it’s about inclusion and showing children with Down’s Syndrome how amazing they are,’ she said. ‘For other kids too, it’s good to be exposed to diversity early. The more children see people that are different to them, the more they’ll grow up to be accepting adults. ‘At the moment, it seems only one specific, very prescribed version of beauty is celebrated by the modelling industry. But really, everyone is beautiful to someone.’


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