‘She Killed An Abusive Husband, Set Her Free’ – Journalist Speaks For Woman Who Stabbed Her Husband


A Nigerian Journalist, Azuka Jebose, has asked the law enforcement agents to set the teacher in Ikorodu free who stabbed her husband to death while he was beating her at their home. Since the murder happened in self defense. Read what he wrote on his Facebook page below:


Mrs. Bose Akinbobola Olamide is a mother of two children. She is also a school teacher. She loved her husband that she married years ago. They were young lovers. Their love became a true manifestation of their hopes and aspirations for each other. They wanted to live together until death did them part.
Soon after marriage, Mrs. Olamide became a domestic violence victim. Her husband turned into a horrible unchecked beast and pounded on her at every vexation or whenever he felt like. She alleges in this video that her husband would physically assault her randomly and publicly, while their street people, neighbors pleaded or watched her being brutalized. She was in love and believed in the institution of marriage because “ he was my morning marriage”. Her family and in-laws advised her to leave the beast, but she believed in the virtues and values of traditional marriage and she was deeply in love with him.

Yesterday morning, Mr. Olamide got in those moods and attacked his wife. He raged at her, grabbed the tiny woman, slammed her on the floor and pinned her down as he rained blows on her…He allegedly used every object in the house to violently hit her. She tried to escape from him, but he locked the only exit to their home, the door and continued his violent attack on the mother of his children. She ran to the kitchen picked a knife to scare him away but he raged on: somehow, the knife penetrated and cut him deep. He bled to death. Today, Mrs. Olamide was arrested and placed in the custody of Panti Police. She awaits a court hearing, perhaps, at sunrise.

Please watch this video, she is narrating the abuse in her Yoruba dialect, a summary of what I wrote herein. I am not a lawyer. But she has a strong case for self defense as victim of domestic violence. She named witnesses that could confirm or verify her regular physical and mental abuse by her husband. She claimed, during yesterday’s attacks, she tried to run from his attacks, but her dead husband locked the door and continued assaulting her. She tried to escape, the husband locked the only escape route: that is kidnapping. This is self defense. This lady should not spend a day in prison. What if he killed her? She attempted escape from hell but he overpowered and kidnapped her, then violently assaulted her. She has every right to defend herself from the monster and dehumanization. Please join me in this campaign to seek legal representation to free Bimbo. Please WATCH THIS VIDEO AND LISTEN TO HER. DrJoe Okei OdumakinRichard Akinnola IIHrm Babatunde OgalaAlex Nnanna Nwoha WilliamsLara WiseDanladi M ZakariIbinabo Fiberesima. abeg I need una help. Count me in for support. She is too young to rot in jail because she defended herself. #SETHERFREE

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