“4 Reasons Why I DON’T Take Women With Tattoos Seriously” – Opinion


When it comes to relationships, I personally do not take a woman with a tattoo seriously.
Especially not enough to get into a marriage-facing relationship with her. Highest, she goes into the “forever GF” box for me. But see, the REAL reasons I don’t plan ahead with a tattoo’d lady are as follows…

1) Tattoos have Spiritual implications

Spiritual ignorance is a big no no when deciding on my future spouse.
Few actions show me how spiritually ignorant you are when you go and permanently stamp yourself with a symbol or sygil you don’t really know anything about (past what “someone” tells you).
I have seen some tattoos that I don’t know what they mean, but my spirit inside me just feels appaled at the meaning behind it for some reason, even when my brain doesn’t actually know what it means.

2) What do you tell your daughter?

Before deciding on who to marry, it is important to look ahead.
Marriage is not just about you and her. It’s about your children as well.

I have a certain way I intend to raise my children.
Say now you decide to take things serious with your tattoo’d gf and you guys get married and are blessed with children…when those wild teenage years come, how do you tell your daughter not to get a tattoo? Children don’t listen. They observe. If mom has inked her skin, you as parents have lost all right to tell your children not to.

Your daughter will come back home one day and TELL you that she will be getting a tattoo of her current boyfriend’s name on her lower back and you will have to shut up and look, because there is not a damn thing you can morally do about it. You’ve lost that high ground.

3) It is an expensive, ongoing commitment to stupidity

You don’t just get a tattoo once. You have to keep on re-doing that same tattoo otherwise it will blotch and look ugly in the future.
For the tattoos with undercover spiritual meanings, you have to constantly make a commitment to those entities by getting these symbols re-etched on your skin.

Why do that to yourself?

4) How many First Ladies have you seen with tattoos?

At the end of the day, after all the talk and “don’t judge” statements aside, appearances still matter.
Do you know any First Ladies with tattoos? Her “personality” doesn’t mean jack. A tattoo is something that will always emit an element of trashiness or unseriousness to people, no matter how faint the emission.

So ladies, please don’t be deceived, your skin is beautiful enough as it is.

Do you agree with the writer?


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  1. Everyone has an opinion. The writers sounds like its basis comes from a religious standpoint. Tatoos arent morally wrong if your not religious. Perception is key.

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