Army Unit Takes Touching Photos With Baby Of Fallen Friend


Christian Michelle Harris is only two months old, but she already has a group of Army buddies as best friends. Christian’s mother, Britt Harris, 26, has made sure that those who served with her late husband are still part of their lives while she preserves the memory of Army Spc.

Chris Harris, 25, who was killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan in August.The members of his unit came together for a touching photoshoot with Christian a day after Memorial Day.

The soldiers delighted in meeting Christian, who has her father’s striking blue eyes.

“It’s comforting,” Britt Harris told TODAY. “They all mention Chris, tell stories about him, and seeing them go from big macho Army men to baby-talking and waiting in line to be the next one to snuggle Christian truly warms my heart. It’s so wonderful to see how much she is loved.”

Britt was six weeks pregnant with Christian when Chris was killed only days after learning he was becoming a father.As she dealt with the loss of her husband, she also made sure to keep his fellow soldiers close by involving them in Christian’s gender-reveal event in October.Christian was born on March 17, which also happened to be the day Chris’s unit returned home from Afghanistan.

“This photoshoot was a chance for them to all come together and see Christian.

“These photos will show her all the men and women that served alongside her father, and a few of them that were survivors from his vehicle.”

A few weeks after Christian was born, Britt held a heartwarming photoshoot with her baby girl and her husband’s military uniform, boots and the American flag she was given upon his death. She wants to make sure that Christian knows what kind of person her father was and how much he meant to the men and women with whom he served.

“I’ll tell her that no matter where the Army takes all of them, there was a time when they were all together here and showed up just to see her,” Britt said. “How special she was to them all and how loved she was by them all through the pregnancy, and even more so now.”

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