British Journalist Piers Morgan Blasts Nigerian In Pidgin Over World Cup Loss


British journalist and TV personality, Piers Morgan insulted a Nigerian in pidgin English as they argued about the match between Nigeria and Argentina.
During the World Cup game, Piers didn’t agree with the VAR when the machine gave Nigeria a penalty kick after Leon Balogun was fouled. Pierce said the VAR had failed and there was no way that was a penalty because it was the Nigerian player who leaned in and dived.

Piers tweeted:

VAR fails again. No way was that a penalty.. leaned in & dived.

But a Nigerian felt he was being biased and called him out.

Emmanuel Babalola tweeted back at Piers:

If it is England or Argentina ?? the VAR is correct right? But now it’s Nigeria ?? the VAR has failed. You are such a racist!

Piers replied; 

Emmanuel, you dey craze.

Nigeria Crashes Out Of 2018 World Cup

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