FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Man While Dancing (Photos/Video)


A dancing FBI agent was filmed as he performed a back-flip in a crowded nightclub, his gun fell from his pocket and as he went to pick it up he accidentally shot someone. The victim is understood to have suffered a leg injury after the off-duty officer’s gun went off unexpectedly.

The crowd screamed as the incident played out in front of them – filmed by one witness on their mobile phone. In the clip, the officer is seen strutting his stuff in what seems to be a lively looking party. But when he attempts an acrobatic backflip, his gun drops from the pocket of his trouser leg. As he bends to pick it up, he accidentally touches the trigger, firing a round into the nearby crowd.

9News reporter Ryan Haarer tweeted: ‘This @FBI agent was dancing at a Denver bar on Saturday night. Did a back flip, gun falls. He picks it up and a round is fired, hitting a man (he’ll be ok.) @DenverPolice investigating. #9News’ He later clarified in a second tweet that the incident was believed to have happened around ‘early Saturday morning. 12:45 am.’ Authorities confirmed the victim was taken to a local hospital suffering a wound to his leg.


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