Learn How To Upgrade Your Banga Rice With Sisi Yemmie’s Recipe


A typical Nigerian from the south Eastern/Eastern parts of the country and a bit of the South Souths know what Banga is, although prepared and eaten differently, the sauce is a staple in many Nigerian homes.

However Sisi Yemmie’s banga rice is more of a ‘jollof’ form and that’s something that I’ve never seen before although she say’s this is an updated form of what she had at a restaurant not so long ago. Anyways enjoy the video and learn.

To follow this unique recipe here’s what you’ll need:

For the Peppered Turkey 

Fried Turkey
Seasoning Cube & Salt
Tomato paste (blended fresh pepper & tomatoes)

For The Banga Rice

Banga Paste
Cray Fish
Grounded Uziza Seed
Salt & Seasoning
Dried Prawns
Scent Leaves (Effirin)

Watch Sisi Yemmie prepare the Banga Rice Recipe…


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