Make-up Artist Accused Of Racism After Making Herself Look like Eddie Murphy


A make-up artist has been accused of racism after painting her face to look like Eddie Murphy. Jenna McDonnell, 31, was trying to show off her abilities by transforming herself from a white woman into the Hollywood actor. But since Jenna posted the pictures of her efforts on Instagram she has been accused of blacking up.

Jenna, from Newport, has previously made herself look like the Queen, Sylvester Stallone as Rambo and Michael Jackson. But she was called ‘racist’ and ‘dumb’ after turning herself into the Beverly Hills Cop actor.

One person commented: ‘Dumb white bitch.’ Another called her ‘racist’ for the ‘black face’ transformation and accused her of mocking people of colour. But Jenna has apologised and said skin colour ‘didn’t enter my thoughts’ when she was doing her make up.

Is doing her make-up to look like Eddie Murphy racist?

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