Man Kills Wife After She Left His House Due To Excess Battering


The police have arrested a man who on Saturday killed his wife gruesomely after cutting her throat multiple times just because she decided to leave his house as a result of constant battering.

Ronald Abola believed to be in his early 30’s in cold blood murdered 28 years old Lucy Acan, the mother of his two kids in Uganda.

Qfm is reliably informed that the two in 2010 started staying together as husband and wife and gave birth to two male children ,however their relationship was not stable as a result of domestic violence perpetrated by Abola on the deceased Lucy Acan.

“He would flog Lucy time and again,and most times she would run back home, but before long she would go back to his house, and gets beaten again” a relative told Qfm on phone.

But last year the late Lucy Acan who could not stand the abuse in her marriage any more walked out of Abola’s house and began working in Gulu town leaving her husband with their two kids at Tegwana. But Abola out of the pain of being jilted often threatened to strike back. ” he swore to Kill Lucy if she dared to walk out of his life, he even told one of our sisters ,we thought it Was a joke ” ,the same relative told us.

Last Saturday, Abola reportedly tricked his ex wife that one of their kids was sick and out of love for her children she rushed to his house but on finding that she was duped, she opted to return to attend to her work. But her husband reportedly went wild and used a sharp panga to cut her throat five times. Lucy died instantly after bleeding profusely.

Her relatives in Bar in Lira district learnt of her death and then rushed to Gulu on. Monday where they got her cold at the mortuary. Abola meanwhile took off but was arrested this evening.

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